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What am I doing?

So, I have an Anime convention this weekend, homework to be doing, roommates to appease, internships to look for, and essays to write.

So what do I do?

Set myself up for my first year of Nanowrimo.

Hell, yes.


Check it out!

...In other news, it's Finals Week and I have chemistry tomorrow. *weeps bitter tears of remorse

For real, now.

This is me. Starting a journal. Now. Monday.

Class was boring, nothing interesting happened, I'm procrastinating studying, and Cindy should be online in an hour and a half.

Wasn't that thrilling?

And I've gotten a job at the Zoo! I'll be an 'Eco-Explorer," which means I get to stand around and talk to guests about animals and occasionally have an animal for them to interact with.

...I think I'm going to go make Doctor Who Mood Themes instead of study.


Anime Expo, Vegas, and WTF!!!

Whoo…If I don’t type this now, I never will. The Anime-Expo 2007 rant.

 So, we left Wednesday night/Thursday morning, whatever you prefer. It was three AM, whatever. We, of course, means myself, otakuhostess, mychem86, and thegreatmoof. So, we get to Long Beach around 4:00 California time, and check into Vagabond Inn with just a little trouble. Apparently our reservations had gotten lost somewhere, but we still got our room.

 The Inn itself was…crap. Vagabond, huh? Yeah. The bathroom door didn’t latch, we lost electricity the second day, got it back the third, the place was muggy, the AC barely worked, and all the lights were dim and dreary. But it was $102 a night, and that’s not bad for California. Once we got to the hotel, we crashed, and didn’t do anything of consequence until Friday.

 Alright. Day one. Friday.

 This day I dressed in my sorceress robes instead of an actual cosplay, mostly because there was a ‘Host Club Tea’ I wanted to attend. Unfortunately, I failed to even go to it because they cut the line after a certain number. So mychem86 and I wandered around for a while, checked out the artists alley, ogled good cosplayers, and finally plopped down in line for the ‘ADV Challenge.’ The ADV Challenge was a panel with three voice actors, Monica Rial, Chris Patton, and Vic Mignogna, my favorite voice actor.

 We got there pretty early, so we were able to get good seats. I managed to <i>coincidentally</i> pick seats directly in front of where Vic ended up sitting. Anyone who wanted to participate in the challenge got a number, and then a random generator would pick who would go up and challenge the voice actors.

 I was the first called up. My Vic senses are amazing.

 I didn’t know the answers to any of the questions I was asked, and neither did the voice actors, and Vic was wrong on every question he answered. I won two DVDs and got a hug from all the voice actors. ^^

 After that, we saw the two Death Note movies back to back before going back to the hotel. ^^ Ryuk is love.

 Day Two. Saturday.

 Mychem86 wasn’t feeling good today, so she stayed at the hotel.

 We raided the dealer’s room, bought stuff, spent money, and also ran into Vic again. He was doing a Q&A and did a commentary on the first episode of “Air TV,” of which he voices the main character, Yukito. During which, I learned that Vic enjoyed everything he’s ever done except DBZ, Vic has no favorite anything that he’s done, and he greatly regrets ever doing the miniskirt line.

 Today was also the day where we kept running into the same Axel and Roxas, and whenever we saw them, they were lounging around. I don’t think I ever saw them actually move. They were just…sitting. Wherever we happened to be. So Axel and Roxaslike.

 We also went to the Blood + panel to see Crispan Freeman, and the Robotech panel for the father of otakuhostess.

 Day Three. Sunday.

 Today we raided the dealer’s room once again, but with a vengeance this time.

 We went to the Last Comic Standing, and it was pretty cool. I don’t feel like going into detail, except that it was funny, and Man-Faye was a judge.

 Day Four. Monday.

 Today we didn’t really do anything except go see Transformers, and then Ratatouille right after. …Then we went back to the hotel and drove back the next day. Tuesday, they dropped me off in Vegas to meet with my family and the Front Sight fourth of July party.


 Drove back home, but everyone dropped me off in Vegas before continuing home, because my family was all in Vegas for the Frontsight Fourth of July party. That was cool, blah, blah, we went shopping the next day, and then my brothers and I caught a Greyhound bus back home Wednesday night. Got home this morning, and…yeah. Stuff.

 Oh. And my mom wrecked my car while I was in Longbeach. You know. As a sidenote.

 FTW, man!

Upcoming Week


Must pretend that people I've never met care about my life! Ahhh!

So, anyway, Anime Expo is coming up. AX07 OMGSQUEE. When did that sneak up on me? I leave tomorrow! Tomorrow!!! That's, like...less than two days! We might end up leaving Thursday morning, however, as my Dad frowns disapprovingly on the idea of driving all night. It takes 10 hours to get to Longbeach from where I'm at, and he doesn't really like the idea of us just booking it to Longbeach, despite the fact that he does it all the time.

I, like, want to start packing now. I don't know why, but I love packing for trips. Sometimes even more than the trip itself, if we're just going somewhere boring. I couldn't tell you why. Packing is the shizt. Especially carry on items. Even if it's just the stuff you'll have next to you in the car. I love that. Love putting things together. I'm insane.

And I really don't feel like saying anything else right now. Maybe later. Bai!

OMG Pixar and LJ. *spoiler free*

Okay. I still totally don't know how to use LJ. I wanna do some customization stuff, but have only a vague idea as to how, and I'm not even sure that I can, considering that I have a free account. Eh. Oh well. Too lazy to deal with it.

Pixar! Ratatouille! *fangirly squee*

I was privileged enough to go to a premier showing last night and, once again, Pixar has outdone themselves. They never fail to please me. I hear people are calling this one the best Pixar yet, but I'm not so sure it's that far ahead of the others. For me, it's more like...simmering to the top of the clump of Pixar love in my mind. I'm keeping this spoiler free, so I'm not actually gonna say much other than that Remy - the rat - is made of cuteness blended with determination, spiced with passion, and brushed up with just a dash of snark. My favorite element of the entire movie was just the way the rats moved. The scurrying and the scuttling and jumping and so on...It was really cool to watch. Awesome visual candy.

And the short! The Pixar short before it! "Lifted," I think it was called. I nearly fell out of my seat laughing. I kid you not.

And Pixar's coming up with a new one for next year! Wall-E is what they're calling it. About a little robot who finds ambition above what he was built for. I'm excited. Already.

Geez, Pixar! Way to crank up the speed...

Alright. Round one, here we go.

This is it. I am doing a real entry, now. I've had this account since...what? December? And now have a vague idea of how to use Livejournal, instead of having little to no idea what any of this is.

I have successfully done strange things to my profile, uploaded 15 userpics, made friends with Rynnay of Chimera Pulse and attacked the CuriousInasne "When Curiosity Met Insanity" community, and have edited my settings! Dear Havens, this is going to take some getting used to.

Now, let's see if we can keep this going. My dear, poor Blogspot account is dying, and only got three updates. Maybe I can keep this account on LJ alive. I'm horrid at keeping journals. Let's see if we can change that.

...And I can't really think of anything else to say. We'll start talking about my life tomorrow.


This is...an entry. OMG

Testing, testing, one two three...


I don't understand livejournal, and I haven't since I got this account seven months ago! *flails* If you wanna talk to me, find me on Deviantart! http://sadinasaphrite.deviantart.com


Maybe I'll try and figure out this stuff later. I already have a blog spot and I don't update that either. *sigh*